Dial Direct Vehicle Insurance


In little over 10 years, Dial Direct Car Insurance has become one of the most successful motor vehicle insurance companies in South Africa. The insurer's promise of low premiums, savings of up to 10% when you buy car insurance online, and industry beating benefits, have attracted many South Africans, and you can be one of them too.

Dial Direct offers three main vehicle insurance options, and special options for specific vehicle types like watercraft, caravan, golf carts, motorbikes, and more.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance

The most popular type of insurance from Dial Direct is the comprehensive car insurance. This is a universal insurance product for your car. You get covered for accidents that you cause and accidents cause to you by other drivers. Also of course, you are covered for those rare and definitely unforeseen cases like your car getting damaged because of the collapse of a building or other things like that. Furthermore, with comprehensive car insurance, your car is covered for theft, hijacking and for standard accessories that are stolen from your motor vehicle.

Third Party, Theft and Hijacking

This is limited insurance that insures you in the event that you cause damage to third parties' cars and/or their properties. Your own car is not covered for damages however. Furthermore, your car will be insured against theft and hijacking.

Third Party Only Insurance

This is very limited insurance as it covers only third party damages that you cause. Your car will not be covered for damages to it, nor will it be covered if it is stolen or hijacked. This insurance type is the cheapest, and is mostly advisable for older used cars.

Other insurances from Dial Direct include caravan insurance, boat insurance, bike insurance, trailer insurance, and golf cart insurance. All of these are comprehensive insurance options.

Dial Direct has a couple of amazing benefits such as cash back when you do not make any claims, and 24/7 roadside assistance just to name a few.